building a start up brand

Naming and branding is probably one of the first, most significant decisions you can make in your business’ life. We all know how much a parent-to-be agonizes and researches the popularity, meaning or significance of a child’s name—think of your business the same way. You want your business to have the best start in life and, picking the right name definitely goes a long way in ensuring that. Remember, this is your business’ name for life—we hope.

why you should think long-term with your branding.

Well, you don’t want to pay for branding twice, so you need to think about the future of your brand’s equity. Similar to buying a home in an up and coming neighborhood, you typically buy for a long-term investment. The same goes for your branding. Building a successful brand in the beginning, could become your business’ biggest asset. You don’t want to have to start again, because brand equity can , in most cases, take years to build. Making the smart decision at the beginning, by investing properly in your brand’s development creates long-term return in regards to it’s over all equity.

how to pick a name for your new business.

The first and most obvious option is naming your business after yourself. Or, if you want your business to have it’s own personality, brainstorm with words. Write down the qualities you want your brand to exude. Industry terms. Unusual words. Or even create words. But pick something that is meaningful and relevant to you and your business. If you get stuck for words, thesaurus.com is a very resourceful online tool. And most design studios may offer branding packages that include developing business names. So it really doesn’t have to be very expensive. You can also find qualified professionals online, check out their portfolios to see what they’ve created. And even send in questions or, even ask for references right on their contact page. Hopefully they will have a link to their LinkedIn page, outlining their professional experience. But, if you’d like to hear personally from people they’ve worked with, any writer and design team should be happy to provide you with references. After all, vp’s of marketing in major corporations sometimes ask for references, so you can too!

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